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TinkerEve[10] Intro to Communication Protocols - 2
TinkerEve[9] Intro to Quadcopters
TinkerEve[8] Intro to Communication Protocols
TinkerEve[7] Basics of RLC Circuits
TinkerEve[6] System-level PCB Designing
TinkerEve[5] Intro to FPGAs
TinkerEve[4] Discussion about Projects
TinkerEve[3] PCB Designing
TinkerEve[2] 3D Printing
TinkerEve[1] Power Supply Design
TinkerEve[0] Introduction


TinkerNight[2] Basics of ADCs and Timers
TinkerNight[1] Basics of Embedded Programming


TechQuiz[1] Signal Processing, Analog Electronics, Embedded Systems, Robotics