Electroholics is a group of hardware enthusiasts from IIIT-Delhi. We believe in the spirit of creativity and open knowledge, and using these to make awesome things.

How to Join

If you love tinkering around with circuits, or programming microcontrollers like the Arduino1 to do interesting tasks, this club is for you.

To join us, you must make a project involving a complex design component, or you must show significant contributions to any open-source library for hardware.

We also carry out projects of our own throughout the year, so you can join those at any time and get your hands dirty.

1: The Arduino isn’t a microcontroller, it’s technically a microcontroller board, but we digress.

The Team


  • Shivam Aggarwal
  • Raghavv Goel


  • Anant Sharma
  • Ankur Rastogi
  • Sajag Agarwal
  • Navneet Anand


ECE Club Room, Third Floor Student Center

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